Intervention procedures for 110%Superbonus

  1. Preliminary study * carried out by independent technical staff with the aim of verifying the town planning compliance of the property and the types of interventions resulting in an improvement of 2 energy performance classes of the rating of the building.
  2. In the event of urban planning irregularities regarding the common parts of a block of flats or the flats, pursuant to Art. 34- bis T.U., possible amnesty interventions will be outlined with quantification of the costs to be borne by the client so that the works relating to the 110% Superbonus are feasible.
  3. Completion of the design process and presentation of the project to the municipal authorities.
  4. Definition of the Special Tender Specifications of the works to be carried out in relation to the 110% Superbonus with technical specifications of the materials that will be used (exterior insulation and finishing system, windows, boiler, etc.) and of the ancillary processes that will be performed (scaffolding, modifications of the sills, shifting downpipes and / or pipes, etc.).
  5. Quantification of any customizations, the costs borne by the customers (motorized rolling shutters, internal window frames in a color of your choice, remote heating controls with a mobile app, etc.).
  6. Metric calculation and the quote for the works included in the 50% Restructuring Bonus which will require a contribution from private clients / condominiums. For example, these processes could include the remaking of the perimeter sidewalks, the painting of the eaves or the parapets of the balconies where thermal insulation works are not carried out, the remaking of waterproofing sheaths, etc.
  7. Delivery of the Gantt chart with identification of the construction site area and timing of intervention of the various work phases
  8. Construction site and realization of the works in accordance with the Special Tender Specifications regularly approved by the residents’ meeting.
  9. Final inspection report of the works with acceptance of the works of the Client and Approval of the works signed by a technician qualified to take out Civil Liability Insurance Policy for the certified works.
  10. Total transfer of the tax credit of the Block of flats to Bollazzi Remo Srl (General Contractor).


* The preliminary study for access to the 110%Superbonus (feasibility check and verification of the improvement of the 2 energy performance classes) must be paid even in the event of a negative result. In the event of a positive outcome, it will be deducted at 110% together with all other technical expenses.