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Villa Tadini - Major Lake - Lesa, Italy

The renovation and restoration of Villa Tadini, an Art Nouveau architectural ensemble dating back to 1900 and under specific constraints of the Superintendence for Architectural and Landscape Heritage, required special care and expertise.

In 2008-2013, the Villa Padronale was completely restored and each phase involved special kind of conservation works: consolidation interventions, restoration of the existing wooden floors and the decorated facades.

To achieve optimal results, we used special restoration and consolidation techniques that guarantee both non-invasive work and the best structural stability.

As an example, the structural consolidation of some wooden slabs by using connectors and lightweight concrete (Leca 1600): in order to preserve the frescoes on the arella ceilings, we used steel tie rods and/or iron reticular beams to support the wooden structure for the 28 days of concrete curing time.

Particular care was taken to the restoration of the decorative concrete friezes in the eaves and around doors and windows, the archivolts, the columns of the mullioned windows, the balustrades of the balconies and the concrete acroteri on the roof perimeter.