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Private villa 2 - Major Lake

We have restored the outbuilding of a private building complex directly overlooking Major Lake.
Masonry and structural consolidation works involved the rooms in the basement and the existing attics.
A new internal access staircase to the underground rooms was built with the insertion of a support poutrella for the existing staircase which allowed the elimination of the load-bearing masonry.
Energy efficiency works were then carried out with the replacement of the existing windows and shutters maintaining the original colours, thermal insulation of the attic and of all the perimeter walls, removal of the Eternit roofing and replacement with dark brown Marseilles tiles.
The external walls were consolidated with the stitch-unstitch technique, the plaster was restored and painted with lime-based paints, re-proposing the original colors of the fields, the pilasters, the string course and the outlines of the openings.
The pictorial decorations present on the lake front prospect, after carrying out the survey, were graphically restored with the dusting technique on the previously consolidated and restored wall.