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Penthouse in Ronchi - Gallarate (VA)

In an elegant condominium designed in the 70s by the architect Sergio Croci on the Ronchi hill in Gallarate we have renovated a splendid penthouse with a breathtaking 360-degree panoramic view.
The complete demolition of all the internal partitions, floors and subfloors, was followed by the new partitioning and the adjustments of all the systems with the installation of the new armored doors, internal swing and flush sliding doors.
The lowered plasterboard ceilings conceal a modern ceiling ducted air conditioning system with linear supply and return vents interspersed with LED lights with linear or square retractable profiles.
The master and children's bathrooms have cut to size travertine floor and wall coverings. The shower wall and the sink top in the master bathroom are in Sahara Noir. In the center of the bathroom is a modern freestanding bathtub with floor standing faucet.
The guest bathroom with brushed natural oak wooden floor and walls in bookmatched Paonazzo marble features a freestanding sink with floor-mounted tap.