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Imper Italia srl - Marano Ticino, Italy

Imper Italia srl, world leader in the field of bituminous membranes, synthetic sheets and recently also in the renewable energy sector, especially in rooftop photovoltaic energy, has two headquarters in Italy and since 2015 a third one in Marano Ticino in a production site from the 60s / 80s, that is six 1,500 - sqm warehouses. With a precise planning of the works we have:

  • brought up to standard the internal and external fire protection network;
  • transformed a two story shed into a material deposit in compliance with fire safety regulations with smoke detection, fire doors and Rei 120 curtains;
  • rebuilt all the underground utilities networks, the clear and sewage water lines;
  • revolutionized the office body with the creation of executive and technical offices by dividing a production unit;
  • installed a new asphalting of the reception area and relative weighing of goods;
  • painted the main facades.

The architectural project is designed by architect Nicolò Colleoni from Bergamo with a studio in Venice supported by trusted employees (