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Apartment In Corso Sempione - Milan, Italy

In 2019, we renovated an elegant apartment in Corso Sempione in Milan with a breathtaking view of the city.

After demolishing the internal planks and removing the sub-bases, we opted to suck up the rubble with controlled suction excavators instead of using traditional methods such as wheelbarrows, pipes, and buckets, thus reducing execution time, costs and the considerable dust dispersion in the environment.

The renovation work involved the plant renewal, sanding and polishing the wooden floors in the living area and the installation of new herringbone oak floorings enriched with panga panga wood perimetral bands and connecting elements.

We laid new and restored Palladiana marble floors, White Carrara, Bardiglio, Statuarietto with Giallo Reale and Black Marquina inserts: we used Carnic Grey marble for the perimeter edges.

We used pearl grey spatula-applied resin for the walls of the bathrooms, Dega Spatolato by Gobbetto.