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Apartment in Cadorna District - Milan, Italy

In 2018, we renovated a large and elegant apartment in a prestigious, historic building in the Cadorna district, in the very heart of Milan.

The wooden floors of the large halls facing the road were reinforced with connectors and lightweight concrete (Leca 1600).

Since we couldn't shore up the slab as the lower floor was occupied by a restaurant, we used steel tie rods for supporting the wood structure from above.

We then installed herringbone oak floorings enriched with panga panga wood perimetral bands and connecting elements and spatula-applied resin floorings, Dega Spatolato by Gobbetto, natural sand colours expertfully decorated by Italian artist Sonja Quarone.

In addition to the skillfully restored antique interior doors, we installed contemporary flush doors without jambs and frames, thus creating a minimal and elegant atmosphere.