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Commercial Centre - Magnago, Italy

In 2019, in just one year, first we carried out a remediation and environmental redevelopment project on a 17.000 sqm area in Magnago and Vanzaghello (MI), previously occupied by the historic Foundry Focrem spa, a sort of "industrial Cathedral" with aisles still visible along the main axis of access to Busto Arsizio. Then we undertook an urban renewal project, creating a large commercial centre.

Specifically, we worked on the wise conversion of the former Focrem Foundry (industrial archeology) into a commercial area (project by architect Paolo Borsa home to TEDI sales chains (600 sqm), KIK (700 sqm) and TIGOTÀ (700 sqm ).

To complete the Integrated Plan Intervention, we built two new sectors, the extension occupied by the MD spa food chain (1800 sqm,) and, detached, the Japanese restaurant SUSHIKO on an area of 450 sqm.