Swimming pools

In-ground pool with edge
Lonate Pozzolo, Italy

After the excavation, the swimming pool was built through the following work steps:

  • Laying of the perimeter support blocks and fixing of the metal structure in self-supporting ribbed steel with buttresses
  • Realization of reinforced concrete pillars on which lay both pool edges and solarium floorings
  • Creation of niches for headlights and skimmers
  • Concrete sub-floor
  • Installation of pipe systems
  • Reinforcement of the solarium
  • Laying of reconstructed rock flooring
  • Laying PVC coating and filling the pool with water

Infinity edge pool
in Busto Arsizio, Italy

The water from the infinity edge pool flows into the perimeter channel and from there into a pool called the "compensation pool".

From here it is then sucked through a filter and then sent into the pool, ensuring constant purification of the surface water layer.