Interior staircase

Self-supporting iron and wood or corten steel helical staircases

Helical staircases with a brushed steel structure embellished with horizontal railing and wood treads.
True masterpieces of lightness. The absence of the central column enhances the feeling of fluidity of the structures.

Helical concrete staircase with stone and wood cladding

As a result of accurate and precise structural calculations to ensure maximum safety, our team built the soft and sinuous shapes of the helical concrete staircase and the helical intrados with centering and wooden reinforcement designed by Interior Designer Elena Cagnoni Luoni.

After casting the concrete supporting structure, we assembled a parapet of varying height. The steps were embellished with Walnut Travertine treads and solid wood risers.

Cantilever staircase with wooden steps

Wooden cantilever staircases comprise metal steps covered in wood and anchored to a bearing wall.
Already at the planning stage, we design a load-bearing structure anchored to the masonry, whose installation requires great precision so that the alignments between the steps and the relative distances are constant.

Below you will find some photographs.